Changes to the website (and goodbye forum)

posted 9 Jul 2010, 07:20 by Unknown user   [ updated 14 Apr 2011, 02:47 by Admin WWCC ]
Please note: this article has been amended - please see end of post

I monitor visitor patterns using Google analytics so I have a very good idea of which parts of the website are popular (and which aren't). So, I've revised the layout and the navigation menu to make it easier for visitors to find popular content (the not so popular pages are now under more links the menu).

Here's a statistics summary for the last week ..

What is noticeable is that the forum no longer enjoys it's past popularity.

Here's the stats:
  • There were just 15 forum page views (out of the 412)
  • There are only 6 members and (other than me) only 1 of those visited in 7 days
  • There have been no posts since 26th June!
In April I submitted a post on the forum titled "Do we still need the forum ..? Not one single member has responded which may suggest the answer is "no".

Am I disappointed? Actually, I'm not, as my view is that we should scrap it anyway! I don't like the concept of having duplicated content on the News page and the forum and I don't like the inconvenience of having to check in two places to find out what's happening in the club! Also, of course, I don't want the extra work that the forum entails, if there's only a few people using it.

Amendment: the original post referred to a facility that would allow members to post items for inclusion on the home page via a link. After further discussion it was agreed that (for a number of reasons) this would not be practical.

If any member has content for the site please email admin. Similarly, if you have a view on the closure of the forum please email us at the same address.