[1] Amazing achievement + [2] it is about the bike? + [3] iPhone app + [4] National 24-hour

posted 13 Jun 2011, 06:33 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 27 Jun 2011, 13:50 ]
[1] Yesterday it was the Burnham-on Sea-Triathlon and this year was the first, since 2004, that I missed it (saving myself for the Clevedon 10k tomorrow night). However, what I really want to comment on is the performance of Arthur Gilbert who completed his 21st triathlon at the age of 90! .. see the story here

[2] I've also just read an interesting article at:

See the end of the article - do you think that a different bike or (more likely?) a different position can make that much difference? If so, some of us may be able to dramatically improve our times without any extra training!

[3] And finally whilst on the subject of setting your bike up .. there's an app available for iPhone, iPad and iPod to help you do just that .. more here - haven't downloaded it myself yet so I can't add a personal recommendation.

If anyone's tried it please let me know and I'll add your comments below. Similarly, if anyone has any comments on the other stories, please let me know and I'll be pleased to add them. 
[4] Sorry to highjack Mike's thread but for a REALLY amazing achievement, how about Andy Wilkinson winning the National 24-hour over 25/26 June at the age of 47 in the Sussex area with a staggering 541.17 miles That's 22.45 mph including various stops on an really tough course where the organisers expected a winning mileage of around 480. The man is a hero.