Memories ..

posted 30 Oct 2011, 12:57 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 11 Nov 2011, 03:49 ]
Interesting picture sent in by Mike Hodge. It was taken in Dec 2008 and it contains the entrants to the last Club Freewheel Contest.

The event was relocated (on the day) from Mudgley Hill to Shute Shelve Hill because of ice on the former! 1st place went to John Hollier who almost made it across the Yeo river bridge, closely followed by Mike Whittingham in 2nd and Peter Rogers in third.
Left to right: Peter Rogers; Chris Hemmings (non-member); Ian from Somerset Bike Centre (non-member); John Hollier; Chip; Tom Hann; Paul Baker; Mike Whittingham; Mike Hodge.

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