Brief round up for March

posted 31 Mar 2012, 02:39 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 5 Apr 2012, 09:05 ]
Glyn and Peter took part in the Dunkery Dash Audax while Steve travelled a little further afield to take part in the Tour of Cyprus (more on the club Facebook page).

Pedro and Rob competed in the Somerset RC 10 TT on March 24th with Pedro getting a time of  25:07 and Rob getting 23:42 which is the fastest he's ridden in 2 years (which he thinks must be due to his work in the gym)!

Rob has offered to organise a beer and skittles evening if there is enough interest (see Facebook).

The first shorter/easier Sunday ride was organised by Paul on the 25th March but I don't know how this went yet as I've only just returned from Madeira. (Incidentally, I thought holidays were meant to do you good. When I left I was getting fitter and had planned to do some running whilst away. However, I picked up a cold and returned in a worse state than when I left! At least the weather and food were good though).

The final artwork for the new club kit has now been completed (see below) and I'm just about to place an order for jerseys (in a variety of sizes and based on interest shown) which should be available in about 4 weeks [update (5th April): latest estimate is end of May - not good but it's a long story!]

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[Author: Mike Broadley]