Club Rides 2012

posted 29 Jan 2012, 08:30 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 18 Feb 2012, 04:57 ]
[UPDATE .. We have now received confirmation of our affiliation to CTC so we're "good to go". All we need now is a few people to lead some rides and we can get some entries on the calendar (which looks decidedly blank at the moment!]

The time is approaching when we should consider a club ride programme for 2012. This assumes there will be enough support for club rides and I hope very much that there will be (as the club is investing in CTC membership).

One of the perceived problems is that club members are very much "mixed ability" but this can be overcome with a little ingenuity. For example, if there is going to be a cafe stop, the slower group could start earlier (or the faster group could do a longer route) so that everyone would arrive at the break, at the same time. This of course assumes that members want to incorporate a social aspect into rides.

A possible advantage to a club ride programme is that we may attract new members. If an existing member brings along a non-club member (which is permitted by CTC subject to a few limitations), and the non-member enjoys riding with us, he/she may join the club!

I'm going to duplicate this post on the Facebook group but I'll add questions to establish which day and what pace is preferred plus it will give members a chance to comment and/or put forward ideas of their own.

Please take the trouble to contribute otherwise the programme may never get off the ground.

If you're already in the Facebook group, please click here to visit - if you're not, find more info here.