Club TTs and Hill climb 2012

posted 5 Apr 2012, 09:02 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 5 Apr 2012, 09:02 ]
Just to remind everyone .. we are down to run 2 x 19 mile TTs on the 6th June and 4th July respectively (+ Somerset RC would like us to do 10s at the same time - which should be OK if numbers are not too high).

Rob also has permission from West DC to run a hill climb on Sunday 23rd Sept starting at 10.00am and also a Boxing Day 10 TT. He is happy to timekeep and organise the Boxing Day 10, but would like to ride the 19s and hill climb. 

So volunteers are needed please: timekeeper and pusher off for the 19s and hill climb (+ marshals for the junctions on the 19s).

Rob has said that if anyone would like to learn how timekeeping works (and what to do) he will be happy to meet up with them and show them.

Rob's email address is here.