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posted 24 May 2012, 05:14 by Admin WWCC   [ updated 24 May 2012, 05:14 ]
As more and more members are taking part in various events I'm going to make it easier on myself and do a monthly round up (on the website) rather than doing individual posts! I appreciate that a lot of material that goes on the Facebook group gets duplicated but I also appreciate that it's necessary as not all club members are in the Facebook group.

If you take part in anything or have any other news that you want to contribute please post it on Facebook or send it to me by email. Then, at the end of each month I'll consolidate it all into one report on the website.

I would also like to make the point that announcements of events run on behalf of the club should always be sent to me so that they go on the website (bearing in mind that Facebook isn't read by all club members).